Friday, July 16, 2010

A weekend in Halifax

I have been a terrible blogger this week! All of our stuff has been packed up and loaded onto a truck - including my modem so I'm left with an air mattress, a few articles of clothing and the worst part - no Internet. This week I plan to spend a few evenings at Starbucks so will hopefully stay in the loop a bit more. For now though, since it's always better late than never, I wanted share a few pictures from last weekend.

Ron started his job in Halifax last Monday so I went down to take advantage of the hotel they put him up in and some much needed time together. We had a great weekend together, despite the rain on Sunday. We enjoyed the city, we REALLY enjoyed the hotel, but most importantly we enjoyed just hanging out. Our work schedules lately have meant that we haven't had much time together and this was the first weekend it was just he and I in a very long time. It's amazing to think how few of those days we have left. In just a few weeks time it will be the three of us!

Only two more weeks and Ron and I will be together - finally. I can't tell you how anxious I am for July to be over and August to start.

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