Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reading to baby girl

There has been a LOT going on these past few weeks. It's exciting, scary and overwhelming. In addition to life, work has been more stressful than usual and some days have been long. A few people have asked me how I stay balanced. The truth is, I have found something that makes me feel more peaceful, relaxed and grounded than I have ever felt. Reading to baby girl. A few weeks ago I picked up two little books that I have started reading to her. I've heard that it can be comforting to a baby to hear the repetition of their mothers voice and that once they are born, they will recognise the stories that were read to them in the womb. Beyond that though, reading to baby girl makes me feel connected to her. It almost makes me feel like she is already here. Sometimes I'll read her the same story three or four times in a row because I just don't want to stop. Even if it's not calming baby girl, it is certainly calming this momma to be, and that is more than enough reason to keep it up. The two books I am reading her are "night-night baby" and "my little miracle."

Reading to her now makes me excited to read to her when she is born. I've spent hours looking at books on shelves at chapters and flipping through them. There is such a big selection out there!! What books did you (or do you plan to) read to your baby?


  1. I've been reading Dr Seuss books to my baby everyday... I particularly love "The Cat in the Hat". =)


    - Joy

  2. I have bought a lot of books and to be honest I have read them only twice. I just stated a routine with them and I'm planning on reading them more. I just feel like I don't have enough time to do it all! lol