Saturday, July 3, 2010


I've known for a while we would be moving. As much as we both love it, we knew that our 520 square foot, 1 bedroom apartment in the heart of downtown Toronto wasn't going to have quite enough room for the three of us. What we weren't sure of, was where: mid-town Toronto, southern-Ontario, somewhere else? Well, after weeks of uncertainty, its now official - we are headed to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Ron was offered a great job out there, and I will be on maternity leave the next 12 months anyway, so we figured it was the perfect time to spend a year on the East Coast. We are both from that way (Ron's from Cape Breton and I'm from New Brunswick) and I am thrilled that our baby girl will get to spend so much time with her family in her first 12 months.

I have so many mixed emotions about it all. I am excited to be near the ocean again (although the Pacific would have been nice), and I cannot wait to be so close to family and friends. Halifax is a great city and I know we will love being in the heart of downtown for the next year. But moving is SO much work. Ron leaves on Monday, and I stay for a month to finish up at work and get things ready for the move. I hate the thought of another month without him, and there is SO much packing and purging to be done for this move! I have never liked to wish away time, but I cannot wait until July is done and we are settling into our new place and beginning a new chapter.


  1. I hate moving, especially the packing. Your family must be excited to have you and the baby close.

  2. You get 12 months of maternity in Canada?! I am moving north and I will help you move! Ha! Seriously, if there wasn't so much snow I would be there. I get 3 months (12 weeks)here in the states and some women get less than that. I'm pregnant with a daughter too. My first. Due October 28. Congrats! Good luck with the move. I hear Nova Scotia is gorgeous!

  3. 12 months of maternity leave is awesome! congratulations and good luck on the move!


  4. Thank you all! And Amy, congratulations on your little girl.

    Yes, in Canada we can take up to 12 months of mat leave, which is such a gift. The government puts us new moms on employment insurance so my pay will be cut dramatically, but it will be worth it to have that time at home.