Monday, May 31, 2010

This week, baby girl is the size of...

I am now 26 weeks pregnant - the final week of my second trimester! On Saturday, I'll be on the home stretch. Baby girl is now about 15 inches long - approximately the size of a cucumber, and weights just over 2lbs. That's double her weight from just 4 weeks ago. It's not hard to tell she is growing as my belly is rapidly expanding to keep up.

Baby girl's hearing is progressing as the network of nerves to her ears are maturing. Sounds are muffled but by now we should be able to recognize both Ron and my voice. As silly as it seems, we both spend time talking to her and sometimes singing to her, and in the next few days I plan to start reading to her.

Her taste buds are developed now and she can actually taste the different flavours of the foods I eat. That's even more motivation to eat well...although I have a feeling she is quickly going to grow fond of chocolate ice cream during this heat wave we are getting in Toronto.

I'm still amazed every day by this miracle developing inside me and I cannot believe that in less than 14 weeks I will get to meet her.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Your Best Birth" by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein

When I found out I was pregnant, I went to see my doctor and he sent me to an OB. I have been seeing him for over 4 months now, and planned to continue to see him up to the birth of our little girl, who he (providing he was on call) would deliver. It seems simple and routine, and it is certainly the way things have been done for years.

Then my friend told me about a documentary she watched called "The Business of Being Born" by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein. This film changed everything for me. I picked up a copy of their book "Your Best Birth" and have been reading it over the last few weeks. The book challenges mother's to be to consider all of their options and to plan the kind of birth that is right for them. I learned so much reading this book and would recommend it to every mother-to-be. After reading the book, I truly believe that they way a baby is born can affect who they are, and I want to have a say in how our baby girl enters the world. I have decided to speak with a mid-wife and am excited for my first appointment on Tuesday.

Here is a brief description of the book from their website:

YOUR BEST BIRTH is an empowering childbirth guide packed with crucial advice from medical professionals, delivered in a down-to-earth, engaging, and honest voice. Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein reevaluate the pregnancy process, renew expectant mothers’ confidence, and place the control back where it belongs: with parents-to-be.

While I certainly appreciate that you always need to leave room for the unexpected, I feel so much more confident, empowered and even excited about the miracle of birth.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Best package EVER

I don't know if I've said it on here before, but I have a pretty amazing man in my life. Unfortunately, the last 6 months he has been working out of town, which means we have been doing the long distance thing. Well, today that all comes to an end and he's coming back...which makes today a pretty spectacular day. Just when I thought it couldn't get much better - I came home to find the best package ever in our mailbox. It was addressed to our little girl, from her father and of COURSE I ripped it open right away. Inside was the most precious little bath wrap, some teethers and a BEAUTIFUL card celebrating the upcoming arrival of our little girl. I'm pretty in love with two people right now, and I'm not going to lie, am feeling pretty darn lucky.

Oh, and since the package did come addressed to our little girl, I had to blur the name. While we have pretty much narrowed it down - we arn't telling.

It's Friday!!

It's finally Friday and I am SO relieved. It was a short week, but sometimes those end up being the most stressful. I took an advanced excel training course on Tuesday and Wednesday, which unfortunately meant work piled up while I was out of the office. There has been a big mountain to get through, but 5:00 signals the light at the end of that tunnel.

And to make this weekend even more sweet - Ron comes home today. Not just for the weekend, but for good. This is really the start of a new chapter for us - being here together, and preparing for the birth of our little girl. I'm excited, relieved, and ready to see what life has in store for the three of us.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The perfect patio date

I don't know many people here in Toronto so I've been working on developing a network of friends, and now that I'm pregnant it is actually becoming easier! I've been going to bootcamp bellies and yoga at Baby & Me Fitness, and in addition to getting a great workout, I have been LOVING meeting other pregnant ladies here in Toronto. Well, tonight I went to my first meetup with the New Toronto Mom's and Mom's to Be Group. It was mom-to-be patio date, and the perfect way to spend a hot, summer evening. Being able to talk with other women about their pregnancy journey is one of my favourite things about this experience. I am going to love going to more of these events in the coming months, and hopefully making lots of new-baby friends for our little girl!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Beautiful Victoria Day in Niagara Falls

Today was a MUCH needed holiday Monday, so Ron and I decided to head down to Niagara Falls for the day. It couldn't have been more perfect! The weather was amazing and we had such a great day together. We did a little bit of shopping over in Buffalo - including lunch at the cheesecake factory then headed back for an afternoon by the falls. Here are a few of the highlights from Niagara.

Comparing my belly with the hershey kiss'. This is me at 25 weeks!

A much needed refreshment on a HOT summer day!

Me and baby girl at Niagara Falls.
It was a perfect day.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I seriously have some of the best friends ever

My girlfriends are throwing my little girl a baby shower in LA at the end of July. I am so blessed to have such an amazing group of friends. I cannot wait to get back to LA and to see them all. Only two months to go!

Friday, May 21, 2010

A thought on a Friday morning...

"A mother's joy begins when new life is stirring inside... when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone." -- Author Unknown

Monday, May 17, 2010

This week baby girl is the size of...

Apparently my uterus is now the size of a soccer ball, and inside that ball is my baby girl who is now about the size of an eggplant. She's 9 inches long and weighs about a pound and a half. Her capillaries are forming under the skin and are filling with blood, and the blood vessels have developed in her lungs. Her nostrils are also opening up and she is starting to take practice breaths - getting ready for her first big breath in less than 16 weeks. I am so amazed at how quickly she is growing and how soon she will be in our arms.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Today I went to see the new Disney movie "Babies". It follows the first year of four different babies around the world. It was precious. There are so many moments that I just can't wait to experience as a mom.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A relaxing Saturday night

Tonight I baked brownies and curled up with a book, " Your Best Birth" I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed reading this, and it has really made me re-think my birth options. I'll provide a full review in the next few days but I have already started to search out mid-wives based on what I've learned from this book.

A sleeping bag for baby girl

I'm only 24 weeks pregnant, but all I want to do is shop for our little girl. It is SO hard not to buy everything in sight. So far, I have been pretty good, but when a good buy comes along, I can't resist. Just this week I received the aden + anais cozy sleeping bag. I've read really great things about this cozy sleeping bag for a new born baby. It 's a natural muslin bag and should get her through her first Canadian winter quite nicely. Oh, and the best part? I got it at a GREAT price! This item was featured on If you are a mom, a mom-to-be, or just need to shop for a mom in your life, check out this site. Everyday they have one item at 50-80% off. You can follow them @babysteals (and while your on twitter be sure to follow me too @becoming_a_mom).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My favourite souvenir from Cuba

We didn't do much shopping in Cuba - a country best known for its rum and cigars. However, I was set on finding something for our baby girl while we were there. We certainly did look but couldn't find a thing. When we were in Havana, there was a street artist following us around. While we were walking he sketched this photo of us. I fell in love with it. It certainly captures a moment and I plan on framing it for the nursery.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Highlights from Cuba

If you know me, or you read this blog, there is no way you didn't know that I spent last week in Cuba. For my 30th birthday, Ron took me to Varadero for 8 days and it couldn't have been more perfect! We stayed at Breezes Varadero and I couldn't find a bad thing to say about it if I tried. The beach was the most beautiful I have ever seen and the staff were outstanding. When we checked in and the front desk agent realized I was pregnant she immediately upgraded us to a king suite with an ocean view. All week long, they chatted with us about our baby and went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and happy. Since we didn't leave the resort until 8pm on Saturday they gave us complimentary late check-out to ensure I had a cool place to rest throughout the day. It was wonderful!

During the week we mainly just relaxed by the ocean. The resort always had plenty of tiki huts so it was easy to stay out of the sun, and the ocean was only steps away to cool down. I have never seen water so clear, and the beach extended for miles. We had planned on doing a few excursions, but in the ended only took the day trip into Havana. The city was incredible and we had such a great day exploring it. Around dinner time they took us to a local hotel to shower and change and then we went to see the world famous Tropicana at night. It was outstanding!

I could rave about the trip for ever and have a million pictures I could share, but instead, here are a few of the highlights from our vacation.

The beach

A catamaran out on the ocean
Ron LOVED the beach

The pool

Ron making sure mom and baby were always ok.

Dinner at Martinos, our favourite restaurant at the resort.
A typical street in Havana
There were classic cars everywhere in the city, since new cars can't be imported. However only 18% of the population actually own a car.
Enjoying traditional Cuban music in Havana.
Before heading to Tropicana
The sun setting over Havana
Tropicana - a once in a lifetime experience. The show was incredible and Ron actually felt the baby kick for the first time during the show. I think she liked the music.
Baby girl and I enjoying the sunset and the ocean on our last night in Varadero. I can't wait to go back.

This week baby girl is the size of...

It's hard to believe 23 weeks have gone by, and this week our little girl weighs about a pound of a half and is 11.5 inches long, which in produce talk is apparently about the size of an ear of corn. As for me, I'm up about 5 pounds now and as you can see from the Cuba picture I posted, the belly is growing more and more every day!

Baby girl's face is almost fully formed now and she has even started blinking her eyes. Her hearing is improving and she is practicing her breathing more frequently, which can even lead to hiccups. She is moving around a LOT and I can feel kicks and pokes throughout the day. Ron was actually able to feel a kick for the first time this past Wednesday, when we were at the Tropicana show in Havana - how many people can say that! The music definitely had her moving.

Another good dr's appointment

After waiting 50 minutes for 5 minutes with my doctor, I got the news I was hoping for - our baby girl is doing well. She has a good strong heartbeat and is progressing perfectly. I think Cuba was good for her...if only we could go back.

Originally posted today!

Happy Mothers Day

I know our little girl hasn't entered the world just yet, however she is already a BIG part of our lives, so today, Ron and I celebrated my first mother's day. We only got home from Cuba at 4am but we still got up early and went out for waffles and lattes - SO good!! Then this afternoon we went to my favourite place, chipotle, for some mother's day tacos. It was a VERY special day, and I am still amazed that next year we will be celebrating with our little girl.

Originally posted May 9th

Back from Cuba

We arrived back home at 4am this morning after an amazing 8 days in Cuba. It was SO hard to come back. I'll post a few selected pictures once I have had time to go through them all, but for the time being, here is the perfect shot for mother's day.

Originally posted on May 9th


I guess you could say Ron and I are taking a baby moon - one last getaway before our baby girl is born. It wasn't planned like this - in fact, this incredible trip was my 30th birthday present, but it turns out the timing couldn't have been any better. We are heading out in a few hours for 8 days in Veradero Cuba and I couldn't be more excited. We will have no phone or Internet the entire trip, but I will update with pictures when I get back. For now, I'll leave you with a picture of Varadero Beach...

Originally posted on May 1st

This week baby girl is the size of...

I'm right at 22 weeks, and that means baby girl is now the size of a papaya! She should be about 8 inches and just over a pound, but apparently this is the point she really starts to get big...and I guess that means the point that I do too. For now, I'll enjoy my little girl, who quite fittingly is the size of a tropical fruit - hmmm,I wonder if they have papayas in Cuba?

I've got some reading to do

It's going to be another long day, followed by a late night flight back to Toronto, a long day in the office Friday, but then...a week on the beach in Cuba. I can't wait! Since I'll be doing nothing but relaxing for 8 whole days, I decided to pick up some books so I can get a start on my birth plan. I bought copies of "Your Best Birth" by Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein as well as "HypnoBirthing" by Marie F. Mongan. Both come highly recommended and I am looking forward to reading them over the next week (along with lots of trashy magazines, cause that's what vacations are for). For those who are interested, I'll provide full reviews of both once I am done.

Originally posted on April 29th

A beautiful day in Vancouver

Today has been a very long day, but the beautiful weather and amazing skyline have made it all worthwhile.
The Vancouver skyline from the offices of BC Cancer Agency.
The torch from the Vancouver 2010 Olympics
And the best part of work service.

Originally posted on April 28th


I'm packing for two trips tonight - the left is for Saturday's trip to Cuba, the right is for tomorrow's work trip to Vancouver. Guess which one I'm more excited about?

Originally posted on April 27th

Belly bootcamp

So I took a few minutes out of my crazy day for me, and headed up to Baby & Me Fitness for Bootcamp Bellies. I have already been to their yoga classes and I can't say enough good things about them. Oh, and the bootcamp class might be prenatal, but it is TOUGH! It is one of the best work-outs I've been to and I have a feeling I'll still feel it tomorrow.

What a week!

It's only Tuesday and I am already exhausted! With my vacation just 4 days away (SOOOOO excited) I have a ton that needs to be done at the office before I leave on Friday. Throw onto that a two-day work trip to Vancouver and I'm still not sure how it is all going to happen. Yes, I am off to Vancouver tomorrow morning at 5am, back Thursday at midnight. The image of the beach in Varadero is the only thing keeping me sane!

Originally posted on April 27th

This week baby girl is the size of...

a spaghetti squash! My friend Michelle suggested I do this, and I think it's a great idea! Each Monday I'll let you know just how big our little one is getting. I'm 21 weeks now, which means our baby girl weighs about 1 lb and is 8 inches long, about the size of a spaghetti squash.

Originally posted on April 26th

A very busy weekend

As I mentioned on Friday, there is a LOT I don't know! So given the fact that in just four months I'll be responsible for a baby girl, I decided to take a first aid/cpr course. I was lucky that I was able to convince Danielle to come with me. Here she is doing CPR on a baby. I now officially have a babysitter.

Originally posted on April 25th

Pre-natal classes...check

I have just registered Ron and I for pre-natal classes. I am really excited, however don't think he will feel the same way so I haven't told him yet :) They don't start until July, but I am already looking forward to it. We will be taking the "Preparation for Childbirth" series through Sunneybrook, and I have a feeling we are going to need all the preparation help we can get!

Originally posted April 23rd

First shopping trip for our little girl

This past weekend Ron and I decided to go to Detroit to do some cross border shopping. Having JUST found out we were having a little girl we couldn't resist the temptation to pick up a few little things. It was such a fun day and I can't wait to go back.

Originally posted April 20th

Half way

On Saturday I hit the 20 week mark. I seriously cannot believe I am halfway through my pregnancy. In less than 20 weeks now, our little girl will be here. It seems so far away, but I know it will go by so fast. To mark the halfway mark, I decided to post the first belly picture. This was taken on Sunday down in Windsor. In addition to sporting the belly, I am also wearing the new maternity clothes I bought the day before. A pair of Lucky Brand "Dungarees" jeans and a triple layered tank top from Heidi Klum's maternity line. I LOVE my new clothes and don't know why I was so against maternity jeans. I may never take them off.

Originally posted April 19

We opened the envelope and...

Originally posted April 18

Yoga class 1 = Success

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I went to my first pre-natal yoga class last night, and despite the fact I have never been very good at yoga, I loved it. I can't say enough good things about Baby & Me Fitness. The classes start with 30 minutes of conversation or instruction before you get into the work out. Last night, our instructor had us go around the room and share our fears or concerns about our pregnancy or upcoming births. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but as people started to open up it felt so comforting to be able to share with 14 other women who were going through very similar experiences. After the discussion we had an hour-long yoga class, and since the moves are modified, even I was able to do all the moves without feeling completely out of my element. I will definitely be back, and will be trying more of the pre-natal classes the offer.

Origionally posted April 16

It's a...?

So today I just got back from my anatomy ultra sound. It was AMAZING. The ultra sound tech was fantastic and spent almost an hour looking at every part of my little one. She was able to tell the gender, however, she didn't tell me. It is concealed inside this little envelope that I am DYING to rip open! Tomorrow night when I get to Windsor Ron and I will open it together and find out if we are having a little boy or a little girl. I can't wait. Boy or girl, I am COMPLETELY in love.

Our baby...

And two perfect little feet...

Origionally posted April 15

Yoga Anyone?

So, with the weight slowly starting to come on, I've decided its time to actually do something physical. I walk to work - a whopping 1.7km each way - and so have been justifying not doing much else until now. Now that I am feeling better though, and now that the scale is creeping upwards (which I know is good news) I'm feeling more and more like I should do something. So tonight, I will be going to my first prenatal yoga class at Baby & Me Fitness. I have never been very good at yoga so am hoping the modified classes will be just right for me.

Now starting a new fitness class with my rapidly growing belly creates a new set of problems - mainly work out clothes. So I figured this was a perfect excuse to spend some of my maternity clothes money on a brand new workout top from lululemon. I stopped into the mall on the weekend and fell in love with the No Limits Tank because not only does it not show my baby bump now, but there is room to grow so I know I can use it my whole pregnancy long. Here it is in passion, and so far, I love it.

originally posted April 15th

The first kick

I felt the first kick today. Until now I have been quite certain of movement... little flutters from within my belly, but this afternoon my baby kicked. An unmistakable bump in my right side. It is SO good to know he or she is in there.

originally posted April 14th


It has been 19 weeks and 3 days, and most of the time, it still doesn't feel real. But ready or not, I have a baby on the way. The truth is, it came as a big surprise. I'll never forget the shock when I saw the positive result on the test . I'll never forget the range of emotions that I felt. But more importantly, I will never forget the overwhelming love that filled me when I saw our baby for the first time, at my 9 week ultrasound. I couldn't believe how perfect it was...a beautiful little baby that was only 1 inch long but, already had perfect little arms, legs, fingers and toes. I cried when I saw the heart beating, and through my tears I could swear I even saw our little one wave.

Yes, at 9 weeks this baby was perfect, and had stolen my heart. Since then, even though I wouldn't have thought it was possible, I have only fallen deeper in love. And while I still get scared, and even though we still don't have everything all figured out, I couldn't be more excited to meet this little one on September 4th.

Originally posted April 13th

Moving my blog...

I have found some wordpress limitations so have decided to move my blog to a new host. Unfortunately, I can't move my posts with me. So please bear with me. I will be re-posting all of my posts since I started this journey last month, and they will likely all show with today's date.