Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We have a place to live!

Last weekend I mentioned that we are moving to Halifax. It is very exciting, but at the same time, incredibly overwhelming. There is so much to sort out - and I'll be arriving less than 5 weeks before our baby girl is due and have been worried about finding a doctor, finding a home and coordinating this move.

Ron flew out on Monday morning, which was really tough, and I have been feeling pretty stressed since he left. But today was a GOOD day and I am feeling so much better about it all. Today, we made huge progress - today we found a place to live! Ron has been looking at apartments the last few days and finally found the perfect spot. We applied right away and got word late this afternoon that we had been approved. I couldn't be more excited! The building is beautiful and apparently the apartment is too. It is right in the heart of downtown, which is great because we plan to maintain our 'car-free' lifestyle. It's less than 2 blocks from his work and less than a block from the closest Starbucks - seriously - what else could we want? We are surrounded by great bars and restaurants and the rooftop patio has great views of the harbour.

I just can't wait for July to be over so that we can get in and start unpacking and making the place feel like home...not just for us, but for our new baby girl.


  1. This is so exciting, Ruthann! A new city, new place, new everything and your little girl to top all that!

    Goodluck and keep us posted on your move etc..

    - Joy

  2. Thank you so much Joy! I promise to keep you posted. Right now I am feeling overwhelmed trying to sort out the move, but I know it will come together. I'm so looking forward to getting there and being able to enjoy it!

    Hope your feeling great! :)