Monday, May 10, 2010

This week baby girl is the size of...

It's hard to believe 23 weeks have gone by, and this week our little girl weighs about a pound of a half and is 11.5 inches long, which in produce talk is apparently about the size of an ear of corn. As for me, I'm up about 5 pounds now and as you can see from the Cuba picture I posted, the belly is growing more and more every day!

Baby girl's face is almost fully formed now and she has even started blinking her eyes. Her hearing is improving and she is practicing her breathing more frequently, which can even lead to hiccups. She is moving around a LOT and I can feel kicks and pokes throughout the day. Ron was actually able to feel a kick for the first time this past Wednesday, when we were at the Tropicana show in Havana - how many people can say that! The music definitely had her moving.

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