Monday, May 10, 2010

Yoga Anyone?

So, with the weight slowly starting to come on, I've decided its time to actually do something physical. I walk to work - a whopping 1.7km each way - and so have been justifying not doing much else until now. Now that I am feeling better though, and now that the scale is creeping upwards (which I know is good news) I'm feeling more and more like I should do something. So tonight, I will be going to my first prenatal yoga class at Baby & Me Fitness. I have never been very good at yoga so am hoping the modified classes will be just right for me.

Now starting a new fitness class with my rapidly growing belly creates a new set of problems - mainly work out clothes. So I figured this was a perfect excuse to spend some of my maternity clothes money on a brand new workout top from lululemon. I stopped into the mall on the weekend and fell in love with the No Limits Tank because not only does it not show my baby bump now, but there is room to grow so I know I can use it my whole pregnancy long. Here it is in passion, and so far, I love it.

originally posted April 15th

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