Sunday, June 13, 2010

What are the must-haves?

I posted yesterday about feeling a little overwhelmed and unprepared. Well, to combat that, I headed off today to start my registry, something people have been asking me to do for weeks now. Unfortunately I left without having starting one. As I roamed the isles looking at the plethora of baby items I realized I was biting off a bit more than I could chew on a Sunday afternoon. How do you ever decide on one soother over another? I could have put almost every item in the store on my registry but then, how much of it will we actually use?

So I decided before I scanned everything in sight - I'd do a bit more research. What are the must-haves for the first three months? What could you not live with out? What didn't you have that you wish you had? I know its different for every mom and every baby, but any advice is appreciated.


  1. hi ruthann! i was in the very same predicament a few months back but with careful research, i was able to come up with a registry that more or less contains what we believe our baby would essentially need... we registered for a stroller and car seat, the crib, diapers, receiving blankets, sterilizers, bottles, breast pump and some other little stuff we've heard from other parents that are a must haves...

    we're expecting our baby this july, so right now, i have yet to find out if we'll be able to use everything. i got advices from mom friends, the web and this book called " baby bargains ". =)

    good luck! =)

  2. Thank you Joy!! It's glad to know there is light at the end of the tunnel :) I will be doing lots of research and will definitely check out that book! When is your little one due?

  3. he's due july 25th! =) when are you due, by the way? go get that registry started!

  4. Congratulations Ruthann,

    Food. Seriously. Frozen food and lots of it. Ask friends to make a favourite dish and fill your freezer!

    Best wishes!

  5. Thanks for the great advice Tara! I hadn't even thought about food. I'll start stocking up now. :)

    And Joy, I'm due September 4th. So almost 6 weeks after you. You are in the home stretch - can you believe it?! Congratulations!!

  6. September 4 is my hubbie's birthday... Yeah, home stretch! Can't wait to meet my little one. =)