Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This week baby girl is the size of...

It's hard to believe I am already half way through my 29th week - which means just a little over 10 weeks until baby girl's due date! The time is going by so fast, and week by week i am amazed by how quickly she is growing and developing. She is now about the size of a butternut squash - approximately 17 inches and just over 3lbs. And believe me - my stomach is keeping up with her rapid growth! You are all being very kind and telling me I look great, but I still feel like a house :) Oh, and apparently in the next 10 weeks she is going to triple in size!

Most of baby girls organs are fully formed and functioning well, although her lungs are still maturing. Her bone marrow has taken over production of the red blood cells and her brain is developing and grooves are forming to allow for an increased amount of brain tissue. I am completely in awe of this entire process. I know I've said it before, but every day I am amazed at this miracle and still have a hard time believing that there is a life growing inside me. Then she kicks (and usually hard) - and it all seems real again.

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