Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last day of work

Yesterday was my last day of work before our baby girl comes. 24 hours later it still hasn't sunk in. I did go in this evening to finish up a few things I hadn't gotten to in the past few weeks, but as of now I am completely done.

I'm honestly not sure how I feel about it yet. My work has always been such a big part of who I am, and a major part of my identity. I know it probably shouldn't be - but it has been. Anyone who knows me knows that I place way to much importance on what I do and i worry way to much about how its going.

But all that changes now. I'm sitting here - resisting the urge to check my web mail. Trying to force myself not to worry or wonder. And thinking - is this feeling ever actually going to go away? Right now I still feel like I'm taking a few days off. It hasn't hit me that it will be spring or summer before I go back. That all the jobs I was working on will be finished, and all new ones that I know nothing about will be underway. That some of our clients will still be with us, and that others will have moved on. I'm hoping in a few days I can relax, let go, and get ready for the most important job of my life - being the best mother I can be to my little girl.

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  1. Get some sleep and relax! You'll be meeting your little girl soon! It's the best feeling! So excited for you!