Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting settled

I haven't had a chance to post in a few days as things have been a little bit hectic! I left Toronto on Thursday morning and flew to Moncton for the weekend. Yes, I flew at just under 38 weeks - but with my doctor's permission. It was my dad's 70th birthday and I am so glad I was able to be there. Ron was able to be there too, which was really special. It was the first time he met my family and I certainly kept him busy running around and introducing him to everyone.

On Sunday we drove to Halifax with a car FULL of our stuff (I cannot believe i didn't get a picture of it...there were even things piled up on my lap). We moved into our new place that evening and I absolutely love it. It's only temporary - we have it for the next two months - but it is the most beautiful place I have ever lived, and I wish I could take it with us!

Today we put together our pack and play. Since we will only be here for 2 months, she will be sleeping in this next to us. It wasn't to difficult to put together (thank god for the directions) and now it is sitting right next to our bed. I love it. Every time I walk into the room I feel a rush of emotion. I am so excited to meet her and am so happy we have such a lovely place that will be her first home.


  1. awww... Renzo sleeps in our room on a pack n play too!

  2. I got the same exact pack and play and LOVED it.. we still use it now and Sumayyah's 15 months old!

  3. oh wow! Thank you ladies - that makes me feel even better about our decision to go with the pack and play. I still seems so surreal that our little girl could be sleeping in there any day!

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