Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time to pack the hospital bag

Our baby girl is due in just 2 days, so Ron has been reminding me that I need to start getting ready and get packed for the hospital. So today I decided to start - and I'm sitting here staring at an almost empty bag.

Yesterday my beautiful hospital gown arrived from Annie & Isabel which I am thrilled about, and that you will see and hear more about when I head to the hospital any day now. And of course, I know I need to throw a few more basics in there - clothes for me and clothes for the baby - but really -I feel a little lost on what else should go inside. What did you pack in your hospital bag - or what didn't you pack, but wished you had?


  1. Packed way too much, I think... I ended up using just the going home clothes for me and baby. I also packed a lot of reading materials - books, magazines etc... Who has time to read while on labor?! Just concentrating on the pain made me forget about everything in the bag. Oh the tennis ball helped for my back labor and don't forget your make-up bag - always make sure to stay nice and pretty especially when visitors come. =)

  2. I always tell people to bring a nice piece of paper or their baby book so that you can put the baby's footprints right in the book or on paper in the hospital. Our hospital always did my baby's footprints after they were born so why not do a few more on your own books :-)

    Enjoy your Annie & Isabel gown. We are so excited for you!!!


  3. Ruthann-
    It's Selena (from Annie & Isabel:)
    Things I LOVED were
    1. Flip Flops (those showers should never be barefooted in!!!) Annie & Isabel will have these in the future to go with our gowns!
    2. Loofa and Shower Gel... lotion too... always swung by Bath and Body and picked up a new set... that first shower after labor feels SOOO good.
    3. We enjoyed an iPod mix with speakers
    4. Comfy sweats to come home in... and an outfit for the babe
    You don't need much... they give you diapers and all kinds of stuff!
    Good luck! Keep us posted!!!