Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Co-sleeping = survival

I still believe that my baby is 7.5 pounds of perfection - but I have to tell you - the last two weeks life has been a little more difficult. After 3 days of sleeping well in her pack and play, Peyton decided she did NOT like night time. As soon as we all go to bed, she just starts to scream - not fuss, not cry, but scream. And NOTHING seems to settle her. We think its gas...she has such a bloated little belly, but no matter what we try, nothing will calm her down - nothing except being close to mom and dad. She will still cry when she is with us in bed, but once she settles down she will sleep most of the way through the night. She will wake to feed, and then go right back to sleep. The last few nights we have gotten 5-6 hours of the sleep, and believe me - it was needed!! I always said I wouldn't co-sleep, but as someone wisely told me - when they are babies, co-sleeping isn't really 'co-sleeping', it's survival.

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