Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our little girl's arrival into this great big world

It's been four days now since Peyton Rayne made her way into the world, and into our hearts. It's hard to believe there was ever a time she wasn't here. Since we arrived home from the hospital I've been meaning to share a bit of her birth story, but I just can't seem to tear myself away from her long enough to write.

Peyton's birth day is a day I will never forget. Saturday, September 4th 2010 was her due date, but everyone, including her dr's expected her to be late. We hadn't had any real signs of early labour and I figured she'd be about a week behind schedule - fashionably late - just like her mom.

Hurricane Earl was on track to hit Nova Scotia, so on Friday night we went to a pub on the waterfront to enjoy the warm temperatures and watch the waves crash on the harbour. We hadn't been home even an hour when my water broke. Even then I didn't believe it could be, but I stayed up late putting her clothes away and packing for the hospital. Around 1am the contractions started, and things moved pretty quick from there.

We got up Saturday morning just as the wind and rain was starting. We had to run to the grocery store and by the time we started to walk home, the category 1 hurricane was in full force. We were able to eat breakfast before our power went out, and shortly after, when my contractions were about 4.5 minutes apart we decided it was probably time to head to the hospital. We had a hard time getting a cab in the storm, but arrived at the IWK Grace in Halifax just before noon on Saturday.

We checked into the hospital and contractions were just over 3 minutes in length. We spent about 3.5 hours in the assessment room, which turned out to be a gift from our doctor to ensure we weren't admitted too quickly and were able to try for the natural birth we had wanted. Finally, around 4pm they formally admitted us and we were moved into the birthing room. I spent the next 2 hours in a tub while we the contractions got progressively stronger and Ron stayed by my side the entire time providing whatever support I needed. Around 6:00 we moved back to the bed and that's when the real fun started.

After more than 3 hours of hard labour and pushing (we had the natural birth we so longed for), our precious little Peyton made her way into the world. Both Ron and my mother were by my side and it was the most beautiful moment I have ever experienced. I'll never forget the rush of energy in that final push, or the relief of hearing that first cry. I'll never forget the feeling of her being placed in my arms or the pride I felt watching Ron cut her umbilical cord. And I will never forget the overwhelming sense of love I felt for this little creature I have been growing to love over the last 9 months when I looked at her for the very first time.
They let me hold her for an hour before taking her to do her weights and measurements. It was such a special time for the three of us and Ron and I just marveled at her beauty - her perfect nose, her little ears her long fingers, her full head of hair and her beautiful long feet. She was born at 9:13pm on September 4th, weighing 7lb's 1 oz and measuring just under 22 inches. And to us, she is 100 percent perfect.
I can't say enough good things about Dr. Lewis and the staff at the IWK. Although all that was important to me was the safe arrival of our little girl, I had really had my heart set on a natural birth with my midwife in Toronto. Being in Halifax for the birth meant that my only option was a hospital birth, and I was certain that it wouldn't be the birth I had planned. I only had 2 visits with her, but had shared with her my desire to have a natural birth. Well, I had the birth I hoped for. We did the whole thing without any drugs or interventions and everything went SO smoothly. I was able to move around at will (although aside from changing positions I was in far to much pain to get up and walk around) and they monitored her heartbeat with the doppler rather than a fetal heart monitor. I'll be honest - it hurt like hell. And had the Dr offered any interventions I likely would have taken them, but she knew what I wanted and helped me to achieve it. I couldn't have done it without Ron either... he stood by my side every step of the way and coached me through ever contraction. He always seemed to know exactly what I needed and I focused entirely on him, and on the baby we were waiting to meet.

I am so thrilled with with our little girl and her journey into our lives.


  1. A fabulous story. Isn't natural childbirth and incredibly empowering experience? You can do anything now. Congratulations.